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Sifu Franklin Fick

Franklin Fick

My name is Franklin Fick. I have practiced Qigong and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts for over 32 years. I am also a Doctor Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have been a teacher of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts for over 25 years. I have seen the benefits of Qigong in my own practice, in my students, and also in my clinical practice of Acupuncture with my patients.

Through my experience I have realized that many students suffer from incorrect ideas about Qigong and this incorrect understanding keeps them from developing their practice and reaping the benefits of Qigong. These types of misunderstanding are easily corrected but difficult to get to the public, because it seems that people fantasize about the mysterious or search for a secret that once known will solve all their problems. In reality Qigong is simple and the benefits of practice are available for everyone who will take the time to learn correctly and to practice diligently.

My goal for this website is to provide the best information about authentic Qigong practice to that if you are just beginning your journey with Qigong practice you can start of right and not be confused and if you are a seasoned practitioner I hope that the information I provide can give you further insight and help to guide you on your path.

On this site you will find clear and useful information about the theory and the practice of Qigong as well as clear and detailed video instructional programs.

The mission of this site to to spread authentic Chiense Qigong so that everyone can understand and experience the benefits that practicing Qigong can offer.

My goal is to reach at least 100,000 people and let them experience the benefits of Qigong exercise first hand. I know that compared to the amount of people that are in the world today this number is very small. But I know that once someone experiences the power and the benefits of Qigong practice they will let others know.

If you liked this site or found the information or material useful please tell someone about it and help to spread the word.